Frequently Asked Questions

1Why can’t I change divisions after registration has closed?
Unless a team wants to switch divisions with your team, it is almost impossible to move teams to a different division after registration has closed because we have accepted teams based on the way the division will be played out for the tournament. If there is not an even # of teams, this increases the # of courts that are needed to play out a division. The # of courts has already been defined which limits our ability to change #s in each division.
2When are schedules posted?
Wednesday prior to the event
3How do I know when my child plays this weekend?
Schedules are posted on Advanced Event Systems by the Wednesday prior to the event. Always check the schedule sometime after Friday at noon for last minute changes.
4When will the final matches be played on Sunday at Cross Court & Regionals?
Unfortunately, we will not know when the final match is going to be played until registration has closed and the schedule has been set. We try to have all matches scheduled for no later than 5pm.
5How do I determine which division I should register for at the Cross Court Classic?
  1. Open – this is the best division and should only be entered by the most competitive teams. Only top team in any club. Teams in this division should be consistently a #1 team in pool play.
  2. Elite – this is a very competitive division and should be entered b top teams or second teams within a club. Teams in this division should be consistently a #1 or #2 team in pool play.
  3. Club – if you do not qualify for open or elite, register in club.
6Am I guaranteed a certain # of sets for Cross Court?
Yes – you are guaranteed 10 sets.
7What is the format of Houston Power League?
  • 4 weekends of play – teams play either Saturday or Sunday (determined once registration has closed)
  • Teams are placed in brackets and/or pools based on seeding from directors and the Region
  • From the results of the prior weekend, teams move according to their record (typically top 2 teams move to the higher bracket/pool and the bottom 2 move to the lower bracket/pool